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Growth and Development

The Concept of Biophysics at this institute was introduced in 1958 by late Dr. M.V. Govindaswamy, the first Director of All India Institute of Mental Health. However, due to discontinuity from time to time it took several years to stabilize. The current activities of the Department of Biophysics, NIMHANS are:

  • To carry out research in pure and applied biophysics with special reference to mental health and neurosciences, and
  • To develop teaching and training programs in biophysics.

Contact Us:

Dr. B. Padmanabhan, Professor and HOD

Ph. No. 26995106



1. Dr. B. Padmanabhan, Professor and HOD

2. Dr. Indrani Datta, Assistant Professor

3. Dr. Bhupesh Mehta, Assistant Professor

4. Dr. Yogananda S Markandeya, Assistant Professor