Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Logo and Anthem


The insignia of the AIIMH/NIMHANS is Hamsa or a gliding swan. According to Dr. MV Govindaswamy, the founder-Director of AIIMH, the smooth gliding of the swan is analogous to the psyche. The webbed feet of the swan, immersed in water, are however in a frenzied turmoil, as are several factors in the depths of the psyche. The word ‘hamsa’ spoken aloud rapidly also sounds like ‘soham’ (Sanskrit for ‘I am That’); identifying onself with the universe or fundamental reality, according to the thoughts of ancient seers and philosophers.



“In the depths of the heavens, the moon sails shedding splendour that is a benediction. Below, on the troubled waters of life moves the mind of man, swan-like. Near-by is the lotus-heart, passion-laden and just blossoming. Hidden in the womb of waters lies peace, born of harmony, to be realised by one who has subdued passion.”