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The Department of Neurology began with the establishment of the EEG (Electroencephalography) services by Dr J Hoenig (1955-56), WHO expert in Electrophysiology. This was followed by other WHO experts - Dr. DMLeiberman (1957-1959), and Dr.EA Zysno (1957-1959), who started the electrophysiological services and training of postgraduate students in anatomy, clinical neurology and electrophysiology. Dr. DM Lieberman (1957-59), Dr. EA Zysno (1957-59) and Dr. KS Mani were the first staff members in the Neurology department appointed by the institute.  Dr. KS Mani started the Department of Clinical Neurology with the aid of the WHO experts in 1957. DM (Doctorate degree) in Neurology began in 1971 with the first batch of students completing their degree in 1974.


  • To develop clinical, investigative and comprehensive neurological services
    To develop quality human resource development in the field of neurology
    To pursue focused and in-depth research in the field of neurology
    To provide training to in-service doctors of the various institutions and government.
    To provide orientation training to post-graduate students of various medical college students in the country.
    To prevent deformities, improvement of mobility and counseling (Neuromuscular disorder clinic)
    To evolve assessment of progress, response to treatment and therapeutic strategy  (Movement disorder clinic)
    To treat patients with epileptic disorders  with comprehensive medical &/or surgical therapeutics