Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Department had its beginning with the establishment of Electroence- phalography (EEG) by Dr. J.Hoeing (1955 - 1956), WHO experts in Electro- physiology. The development had its efforts of the experts from WHO, Dr. D.M.Leiberman (1957-1959), Dr.E.A. Zysno (1957-1959) and Dr. K. S. Mani, staff member of Neurology, appointed by the institute(1957). Introduced doctorate degree(DM) in 1970, first batch of students completed their degree in the year 1974.


  • To develop clinical, investigative and community neurology
  • To develop quality human resource development in the field of neurology
  • To pursue focused and in-depth research in the field
  • To prevent deformities, improvement of mobility and counseling (Neuromuscular disorder clinic)
  • To evolve assessment of progress, response to treatment and therapeutic strategy  (Movement disorder clinic)
  • To provide neurological services to the community at their door step.
  • To provide training to in-service doctors of the various institutions and government.
  • To provide orientation training to post-graduate students of various medical college students in the country.