Friday, July 19, 2019
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Virology Lab Services

The department presently offers the following services to NIMHANS patients as well as general public

  1. laboratory diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis, Rabies, Dengue , Chikungunya, Herpes simplex, Measles , Enterovirus and some rare viral infections like JC virus
  2. It is a National reference laboratory for HIV surveillance , offers routine diagnosis of HIV, viral load monitoring after  ART and early infantile diagnosis of HIV. It also offers CD 4 testing and HIV counseling
  3. It is a WHO reference centre for rabies, one of its kind in Asia. Offers post exposure advise and treatment
  4. It is an apex lab for national vector borne disease control programme of the government of India
  5. It also offers diagnostic services to other viral infections of public health importance such as H1N1 and Hepatitis B