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PG and Ph.D result of various courses for the academic year 2018-19







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 PDF in Neurocritical Care 

Ph.D in Biophysics 

Ph.D in Clinical Neurosciences 

Ph.D in Human Genetics 

Ph.D in Mental Health Rehabilitation 

Ph.D in Neurochemistry 

Ph.D in Neuroimaging & Interventional Radiology 

Ph.D in Neurology 

Ph.D in Neuromicrobiology 

Ph.D in Neuropathology 

Ph.D in Neurophysiology 

Ph.D in Neurovirology 

Ph.D in Nursing 

Ph.D in Psychiatry 

Ph.D in Speech Pathology & Audiology 

PhD in Clinical Psychology 

PhD in Psychiatric Social Work 


DM in Addiction Psychiatry

DM in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

DM in Geriatric Psychiatry 

DM in Neuroanaesthesia

DM in Neuroimaging & Interentional Radiology

DM in Neurology

DM in Neuropathology

Fellowship in Geriatric Mental Health Care

Fellowship in Mental Health Education

Fellowship in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Fellowship in Psychosocial Care for Elderly

Fellowship in Psychosocial Support in Disaster Management

M.Ch in Neurosurgery

M.Phil in Biophysics

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

M.Phil in Neurophysiology

M.Phil in Neuroscience

M.Phil in Psychiatric Social Work

M.Sc in Biostatistics

M.Sc in Psychiatric Nursing

Master of Public Health 

MD in Psychiatry

PDF in Addiction Medicine

PDF in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

PDF in Geriatric Psychiatry

PDF in Neuroanaesthesia

PDF in Neuroinfection

PDF in Neurological Rehabilitation

PDF in Neurology

PDF in Neuropathology

PDF in Psychiatry