Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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The Department of Publication plays a vital role in the dissemination of knowledge about mental health and neurosciences, which is one of the primary functions of NIMHANS.

The Department provides an efficient system to support high standards of publishing, distribution, and sales of the Institute’s publications. It facilitates publication and printing of books, teaching manuals, technical reports and other important documents for academic and administrative purposes. The Department ensures that publication outputs are prepared and curated in a way that helps enhance the value they have for the Institute in terms of internal and external use.

Publication activity at the Institute dates back to 1958, when AIIMH first published a bi-annual journal called Pratibha. The journal covered issues related to mental health from medical, sociological, biophysical, biochemical, philosophical and literary perspectives. Pratibha was renamed Transactions in 1960 and was annually published till 1971. After the inception of NIMHANS, a full-fledged Department (of Publication) was established in 1981 to co-ordinate the publication works of the Institute.