Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Facilitating high-quality and translatable research and providing leadership for national policy have been the hallmarks of NIMHANS. Several of the research initiatives at NIMHANS have been inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary in nature. The thrust areas of research continue to be: a) unraveling the molecular and sub-cellular mechanisms for disease process, b) linking clinical status with structural, biochemical, immunological and serological abnormalities searching for biomarkers, c) exploring genetic basis for disease causation, d) developing prognostic and clinical predictors and diagnostic inventory/checklists.
During the year 2013-14, NIMHANS stepped up its research activities with various new projects and initiatives. A total of 767 scientific articles/communications were published -357 articles in International Journals, 216 in National Journals, and 194 other publications including monographs, manuals, chapters in books, articles in newspapepers.